All training sessions are based on the training manual developed by ACCORD and COI Network partners.

Understanding of COI

COI is understood as information used in procedures that assess claims of individuals to refugee status or other forms of international protection. It should help to answer questions by decision-makers and legal advisers about the political, human rights, cultural, economic and social situation as well as the humanitarian situation in countries of origin.

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COI Training Manual

You want to read more about researching country of origin information? In March 2024, ACCORD published a revised edition of the training manual on the methodology and quality standards of COI research.


You can download an electronic version of the new edition below (PDF):

Austrian Red Cross/ACCORD: Researching Country of Origin Information - Training Manual, 2024 edition


To order printed copies, please fill out this form.


For more on COI research methodologies and quality standards, visit our blog on

For the previous edition (2013) of the training manual (available in English, Russian, Spanish, and a German summary ), see this page: COI Training manual, 2013 edition.

For the first edition (2004) of the training manual (available in English, German, French, Italian, Romanian, Russian and Spanish), see this page: COI Training manual, 2004.